One stop cloud solution to next generation sequencing data analysis

This is Seqplorer, a fully scalable cloud based analysis platform for next generation sequencing data.

This next-generation variant annotation tracker is a front-end to a highly scalable cloud based analysis platform. Combining this web based front-end with an object oriented shardable database and a fully distributed analysis pipeline allows us to scale this application to virtually any size required. A “plug in” style organisation of the variant annotation pipelines makes updating and extending variant annotation easy. The cloud based nature of this platform addresses both the scalability and data management issues encountered when working with huge next generation sequencing datasets. Visualisation of variant annotation at the individual samples but also on the population level can easily be achieved through a map reduce framework allowing us to grasp the genomic variation at both the gene or biological pathway level.

Release date

We are working hard to get seqplorer published. As soon as this has happened we will be releasing the source code of this project to the general public

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